Volkswagen Jetta 4 – Stripping for Spares

VW Jetta 4 Spares

Type: Volkswagen Jetta 4


Colour: Blue

Cost: Stripping for Spares



Office, for more information.
Tel: 011 452 7551
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35 Responses to “Volkswagen Jetta 4 – Stripping for Spares”

  1. Hi Looking for jetta 4 v5 2.3.rear view morior ,adjustment control for side mirriors ,boot complete electronic mechanism,complete front cvs l/r.

  2. Looking for 8 jetta 4 diff bolt & nuts

  3. 2007 1.9 TDI POLO Clutch kit

  4. Hi i am looking for jetta 4 driver side doorpanel 1.6 comfortline

  5. Lloking for jetta 4 1.9 tdi 2001 engene

  6. Hi m looking for 99golf4 20v turbo engine sump &turbo

  7. Hi I’m looking for the clutch on the aircon for a Jetta 4 – diesel 2001.

  8. Hi I’m looking for a turbo for a jetta 4 1.9 tdi

  9. Hi, I’m looking for a Transmission control module on a Jetta 4 1.6 2002 auto. Part number 01M 927 733 JD or KE

  10. Hi, I am looking for a jetta 4 v5 2.3 armrest, mirror adjustment nob, and door switch

  11. I forgot to mention the radiator fan

  12. Hi, I am looking for a jetta 4 v5 2.3 armrest, mirror adjustment nob, door switch and radiator fan

  13. I am looking for the driver’s door and most of its components

  14. looking for boot lock.. bonnet cable..heater blower with pipes..a bolt situated near steering pump,..all for jetta4 v5

  15. Hi im looking for injector pipes the steel ones on jetta 4 1.9 tdi

  16. Hi am looking for bottom intercooler pipe the one that goes underneath the engine

  17. hi i am looking vwl golf five baber,gill

  18. Hi,

    Please advise if you have stock for a Jetta 4 (2002) 1.9tdi “comfort control module”


  19. Hi I’m looking for jetta 4 v5 trottle body part no is 408 236 120 001

  20. Looking for jetta4 2.0 gearbox 5speed

  21. good day im looking for a steering wheel and passenger airbg and gear lever for my jetta 4 1.6 ..please advise of quotation for the following items

  22. Morning-on Jetta 4 tdi 1.9 looking for cylinder head with camshaft or exchange cylinder head.

  23. Looking for locking mechanism for Jetta 4 2002 left front door

  24. Looking for all 4 door panels,interior mid consol…tanx

  25. Hi I’m looking for golf 4 2l flyweel and clutplate kit

  26. Looking for Engine Control Unit Part Number 06A997019RX for Golf IV 2004 2.0 liter

  27. Hi, looking for a right black plastic vender on a jetta 4 2001 model

  28. Hi im looking for a front suspention and ano armrest all for jetta 4 pls

  29. Hi I am looking for a jetta4 V5 coil pack

  30. I am looking for the main harness (wiring) for Jetta 4 V5, 2003 model. Part number: 1J2 971 090 HG

  31. I am looking for the armrest for Jetta 4 V5, 2003 model.

  32. I am also looking for black leather armrest for Jetta 4

  33. I am looking for the doorlocks of a Jetta 4 tdi

  34. Hi there , im looking for sun visor to fit golf 5 gti .

  35. Hi

    I am looking for a Jetta 4 Oil sump, timing chain,complete boot, v arm and a wind screen