Drive Cool Driver Academy sponsored by Bishops Auto Spares.

The Drive Cool driver training course gives you the opportunity to learn more technical and advanced vehicle dynamics and explore vehicle control skills in a safe and relaxed environment

  •     Advanced Driving Courses
  •     Skid Pan Training
  •     Hi Speed Driving Skills Development
  •     Collision avoidance
  •     Brake Distance Demonstration
  •     Driver Awareness
  •     Driving Techniques
  •     Seating positions
  •     Vehicle Over Steer
  •     Vehicle Under Steer
  •     Cornering techniques (Turning points, Apex Points and Corner Exiting)
  •     Aquaplaning
  •     Collision Avoidance
  •     Speed management and following distance
  •     Stopping distance. Relevant to ABS assisted vehicles and non-ABS assisted vehicle
  •     Emergency stops and making space for vehicles behind you if they not going to be able to stop in time.
  •     Promote Driving Awareness (Assists in Hijack prevention)
  •     Hi Speed driving on track


Drive Cool Website for more information.
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