Bishops Auto Spares has a workshop to help you service and repair your car, our work is professional and reliable

Vehicle Servicing

We offer basic and major services including: Air Filter, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs, Brakes, Bushings, Timing Belt, and more.

Engine Work

We repair, and fix all aspects of your engine including an overall and reconditioned replacement engines, we can fit.

Clutch Replacement

We repair, skim and replace your clutch on your vehicle. Our service is fast and professional, call or coming in for a quote.

Gearbox Recons

We can either replace your existing gearbox with a reconditioned one, or install a new gearbox for your vehicle.


Our team can assist you with repairs and replacement on all aspects of suspension including, shocks, hubs, control arms, steering racks, CV joints, bushings and more.

Auto Diagnostics

Have you got a diagnostics issue? Bring your car to Bishop Auto Spares we will gladly assist you with the repairs.